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The GBC Financial Group works diligently to educate and guide small business owners and entrepreneurs on how to implement effective financial strategies. We pursue excellence while assisting clients and empower them to make informed decisions involving asset protection, wealth accumulation, and exit strategies. Our firm principals have over twenty years of experience in the financial services and insurance industry. Our most valuable asset is the client who entrusts us with what matters most to them. Throughout our practice, we strive to emulate integrity and be assertive when and/or where necessary for our clients' best interests.


Through a combination of hands-on materials and innovative software, your financial professional can help you calculate every move and keep you connected every step of the way. Through our carefully designed, collaborative process, your money becomes more productive and efficient. The intended results are clear:
enhanced protection, proper savings, more efficient growth and the ultimate enjoyment of your wealth.


The Leap Strategic Process in coordination with The Leap Model and Rulebook gives everyone a powerful toolset to help make smart choices at any time and no matter what the market or other economic conditions are present. These guidelines provide greater understanding of how money works, helping us to navigate our financial lives in a sane, sound, and simple way. Together, we figure out what makes the most sense, finding the right mix of powerful wealth-building and protection strategies.



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